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Do you want to be successful in sales and in life? You’ll have a chance to meet the pros, the people who have achieved success in their careers in sales. For most people, to achieve personal success entails more than just making a lot of money. Many would claim that to be successful in a career means to have fulfilled an ongoing goal—one that has been carefully planned according to their interests and passions. Is it your vision to run your own business? Or would you rather pursue a profession in a service organization? Do you want to excel in the technology field or, perhaps, work in the arts? Can you see yourself as a senior executive? Imagine yourself in the role that defines success for you. Undoubtedly, to assume this role requires more than just an initial desire; those who are most successful take many necessary steps over time to become sufficiently qualified for the job presented to them. Think about your goal: what it will take to get there? With a good plan and the right information, you can achieve whatever you set out to do. It may seem like a distant dream at the moment, but it can be a reality sooner than you think. Think about successful people who do what you want to do. What do they all have in common? Of course, they have all worked hard to get to their current position, and they all have a passion for their job. There is, additionally, a subtler key ingredient for success that they all share; all successful people effectively engage in personal selling, the process of interacting one-on-one with someone to provide information that will influence a purchase or action.

Congratulations, You’re in Sales!
If you think personal selling is only for salespeople, think again. Everyone in every walk of life uses personal selling (some more effectively than others!). Selling is what makes people successful. We all have to sell our ideas, our points of view, and ourselves every day to all sorts of people—and not just those related to our jobs. For example, when you work on a team project, you have to sell your ideas about how your team should approach the project (or, sometimes more delicately, you will have to persuade others as to what you should do about a lazy team member). When you are with your friends, you have to sell your point of view about which movie you want to see or where you want to go to eat. When you pitch in for a friend’s gift, you have to sell your ideas about what gift to give. You are selling every day whether you realize it or not. Think about the products and services that you buy (and concepts and causes that you believe in) and how
selling plays a role in your purchase decision. If you rented an apartment or bought a car, someone sold you on the one you chose. If you read a product review for a new computer online then went into the store to buy it, someone reinforced your decision and sold you the brand and model you bought. If you ran in a 5K race to raise money for a charity, someone sold you on why you should invest your time and your money in that particular cause. A professor, an advisor, or another student may have even sold you on taking this course!

I Sell Stories
Selling is vital in all aspects of business, just as it is in daily life. Consider Ike Richman, the vice president of public relations for Comcast-Spectacor, who is responsible for the public relations for all NBA and NHL games and hundreds of concerts and events held at the company’s Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. When you ask Ike to describe his job, he replies, “I sell stories.” What he means is that he has to “pitch”— or advertise—his stories (about the games or concerts) to convince the press to cover the events that he is promoting. So, even though he is not in the sales department, his job involves selling. Gary Kopervas, similarly, is the chief creative strategist at Backe Digital Brand Communications. He works in the creative department in an advertising agency, yet he describes his job as “selling ideas,” not creating ads. Connie Pearson-Bernard, the president and founder of Seamless Events, Inc., an event planning company, says she sells experiences. For many of her clients, she also sells time because she and her team execute all the required details to create the perfect event. As you notice, all these people are engaged in selling, even though “sales” may not be included in their respective job descriptions. Clearly, whether you pursue a career in sales or in another discipline, selling is an important component of every job…and everyday life.

Pelajaran dalam Menjual dari Salespeople yang Sukses
Siapa yang Ingin Menjadi Millionaire? Bayangkan menjadi anak putus sekolah yang berusia sembilan belas tahun dengan seorang anak di jalan. Itu menggambarkan Tom Hopkins pada tahun 1976. Dia bekerja di konstruksi untuk membayar tagihan. Dia sadar harus ada cara yang lebih baik untuk mencari uang, jadi dia mengambil pekerjaan di penjualan real estat, tapi tidak berhasil. Bahkan, setelah enam bulan pertama, dia hanya menjual satu rumah dan menghasilkan rata-rata hanya $ 42 sebulan untuk mendukung keluarganya.

Suatu hari, dia bertemu dengan seseorang yang menyarankan agar dia mengikuti seminar pelatihan penjualan. Tom terinspirasi oleh konsep dalam seminar dan menempatkan mereka untuk bekerja. Sebelum berusia tiga puluh tahun, Tom adalah seorang jutawan yang menjual dengan nyata perkebunanya. Tom sekarang menjadi legenda di arena penjualan dengan “Training for Champions” dan “Sales Boot Camp” program. Dia adalah seorang penulis, pembicara, kolumnis, dan pelatih sukses di Tom Hopkins International, yang menyediakan pelatihan penjualan untuk perusahaan seperti Best Buy, State Farm Insurance, Aflac, A.S. Army Perekrut, dan banyak lagi

Dunia Penjualan Baru.
Ada beberapa orang yang mungkin berpikir menjual sebagai pertemuan dengan tekanan tinggi antara wiraniaga dan karyawan pelanggan. Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, hal itu mungkin terjadi dalam beberapa situasi. Tapi di dunia sekarang ini, sukses menjual bukan sesuatu yang Anda lakukan “menjadi” pelanggan, itu adalah sesuatu yang Anda lakukan “dengan” pelanggan. Pelanggan memiliki suara dan paling terlibat dalam situasi penjualan. Dengan alat berbasis internet seperti forum, sosial jaringan seperti Facebook, MySpace, dan Twitter, bersama dengan situs Web, live chat, dan interaktif lainnya fitur memungkinkan pelanggan untuk berpartisipasi dalam proses tidak peduli apapun yang mereka beli.

Brand + Selling = Sukses


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